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              NOW Hiring Community Navigator!  Applications accepted until October 7th @ 4:30 pm

              2021 ICOF Research Project



              Innovative Life Options In the company of Friends
              Innovative Life Options Options for Services
              Innovative Life Options Community navigator
              Innovative Life Options Publications and blog
              Innovative Life Options Self Directed Supports
              Innovative Life Options Support Networks
              Innovative Life Options Inclusion and Citizenship
              Innovative Life Options Manitoba Resources
              Innovative LIFE Options
              4-120 Maryland Street
              Winnipeg, Manitoba,
              Canada R3G 1L1
              Ph: 204-772-3557
              Toll Free: 1-866-516-5445
              Fax: 204-784-4816
              Email: info@icof-life.ca

              Innovative LIFE Options is a non-profit organization that promotes self-directed living in Manitoba through three unique support options, In the Company of Friends, Options for Services and the Community Navigator.? We believe that support networks and supported decision making are fundamental in building a self-directed life.? Full inclusion and citizenship is the benchmark that guides our work.

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